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Sapporo Dermatopathology Institute
I have been in Sapporo
I have been in Sapporo – the beautiful city for nearly two months. Time has passed quickly. Since the beginning days I am here, I have many impressions. Firstly, impression has come from my teacher - Dr. Kimura, who I always tell my Vietnamese friends that I always consider him as my beloved father. Besides his kindness, he is also very friendly in work and in life. Secondly, his knowledge in the field of Dermatopathology goes far beyond this short course’s curriculum covered that I have admired him so much. These gained knowledge is what I was lacking and expecting in Vietnam. Thirdly, my English is not good enough that makes me come into troubles in the beginning days. However, Dr. Kimura helped me so much. I have encouraged my self with self-learning method and practice my English speaking skill by pronunciation. I hope that in the remaining time I can gain my diagnosis skill and presenting skill in English. Finally, I was very lucky in having foreign and Vietnamese friends who are very good and friendly. They are the ones who helped me much in daily life in Sapporo. In conclusion, there have been not much time for me in here but the experiences and knowledge that I have gained are much. So, I hope that I can gain much more with enthusiasm and honestly of Dr. Kimura Sensei with supports of other foreign friends

I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Your sincerely,

Hoa Than

my first diary
On my first diary I’ve decided to share my “curious” story of choosing dermatopathology as my mayor. I call it “curious” because I never ever imagined that I would be doing dermatology not even mentioning dermatopathology. When I was a medical student I wanted to be a surgeon, even prepared myself being an assistant-student in general surgery for 4 years. Futhermore, I’ve chosen a mayor of hepatology at the graduate school so that I could be a member of “Liver transplantation team of Mongolia”. But by the “curious” turns in life I chose neither surgery nor hepatology. Instead, I’m proudly doing dermatopathology now. Why proudly? Well, I have 3 major reasons why. Firstly, my grandfather was a famous onco-pathologist of Mongolia, and my family members always wanted me to follow his route. Now, even my grandpa is not alive, I hope the rest of my family is very happy for my choice. Secondly, my country is lacking of dermatopathologists literally, so this training program is very helpful not only for me but for the development of dermatopathology in Mongolia. And lastly, the most important one is that I feel honored to be a trainee at Sapporo Dermatopathology Institute under the guidance of such a great tutor, I’m loving the subject day by day. I feel happy for my choice.
I believe my destiny and Dr. Kimura have pushed me to the right path… ☺
Undram Sainzaya, MD (Mongolia)
May 2016: Of Golden days and Spring blooms.
First week of May was Golden week. What an opportune time for sightseeing! I was able to enjoy the beautiful parks in Sapporo, marvel at Yokoyama Taikan’s masterpieces, experience the underground walkways, and most specially, cherish the “h anami. ” Dr. Kimura was very kind to show me around Sapporo on the first day of the holidays. We went to Maruyama Park and Hokkaido Shrine (Chuo­ku), the Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art, Odori, and Susukino. Then on the following days, went to Moerenuma Park (Higashi­ku) and Sapporo Art Park (Minami ward) with my Filipino friends.
April 2016: “ Senri no michi mo ippo kara. ”
“ Senri no michi mo ippo kara .” Laozi
I read this saying from a Kanji book my mom bought me few months before I left for Japan. This
saying in English translates to, “a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”
To be far away from home can be very difficult, especially for someone like me who has never
lived away from my family (not even for college, medical school, or dermatology residency).
Although I’ve always wanted to start living independently, the idea of living alone in a foreign
country scared me a little. I did imagine how fun and exciting it would be to travel and see new
places, meet new friends, and decorate my own place, but I didn’t realize it would be quite a
challenge to start a new chapter in my life on
my own. In order to live through I have learned
the importance of having street smarts and connections. These two essentials have helped me
keep up with the daily life here in Sapporo. Knowing (a few) basic Japanese phrases or
expressions, having a good sense of direction, being perceptive and resourceful, knowing the
daily weather and how to keep warm (it gets really cold in Sapporo), and having friends (both
Filipino and international) to guide or support you all
of these come in handy, especially into
the first few weeks.
Setting out on your own can be challenging in the beginning, but to start a journey one must
learn how to brave that first step.
Margaret Mary B. Alegre, M.D.
April diary
Yasuhiro Mitsui / April diary

I started training at the Sapporo Dermatopathology Institute in April.
Class starts at 8am. We share 50-60 slides in the morning under Dr.Kimura’s guidance. In the afternoon, I look up something new in the textbooks and papers. When I have enough time, I see slides by myself. I leave at 5pm. After I go home, I see slides uploaded on the web. In April, I learned a lot, especially how to see at scanning magnification.

During my first day, I met the other trainees and we introduced ourselves. They are doctors from Vietnam, Philippines, and Mongolia. I found a phrase that can describe our diversity, “lingua franca.” This means, a language adopted as a common language between speakers with different languages. We used English as our lingua franca. This is a good opportunity to communicate in English.
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