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Sapporo Dermatopathology Institute
Mostafa/March report
After February, the weather started to improve comparatively in Sapporo and I resumed using my bicycle again. I felt some relief after very cold winter.
In the institute, my program was running progressively. More over, 2 new Japanese trainee have joined the institute for 1 or 2 months. I have enjoyed discussion with them about some difficult cases provided by Dr. Kimura
Upon request of Dr. Kimura, I gave very short seminar to the doctors in the institute regarding goblet cells and its importance in dermatopathology. I have also prepared some studies regarding the variants of dermatofibroma and the differentiation between Hailey Hailey disease and Darier disease
In March 17th, Dr Kimura invited all the doctors in the institute to lunch in a halal food restaurant… it was really very nice day.
Mostafa/Goblet cells
Goblet cells
• Belongs to glandular columnar epithelium
• Named goblet (cup like) because of its shape with distended apex (because of mucinogen granules) and narrow stem.
• Sites:
1. Respiratory tract: Trachea and bronchi
2. GIT: Small and large intestine
3. Upper eyelid: Conjunctiva
• Function: mucous secretion
• Stimulation: e.g. by dust and smoke in respiratory system
• Secretion module: both apocrine and merocrine modules
• I believe that in metstatic adenocarcinoma with goblet cells, the 1ry tumor should belong to the normal sites of the goblet cells

Goblet cells in the Ileum

Goblet cells-1

Goblet cells-2
During February, I moved one step in the training course by seeing the slides by my self at my desk and writing the diagnosis for the difficult cases. I believe that my diagnostic abilities has improved much, but still I have some pitfalls

After 5p.m in the weekdays, I continue to study dermatopathology in the institute through studying the slides from the slide library, seeing interesting and difficult cases in the institute website, or reading in the textbooks

Also during February, I have enjoyed the snow festival at Odori. Although, it was very cold, I have enjoyed this unique festival.
Two month passed since I have come to Sapporo. I now feel better in dermato-pathology. In addition to the strict training program set by Dr. Kimura, I stay longer in the institute to get benefit from the huge slide library, which contains unique collection of common, rare, and very rare diseases. Reading dermato-pathology books was crucial in improving my diagnostic ability, in addition to the daily encouragement of Dr. Kimura.
From the next month, I will start to see the new slides by my self, write my diagnosis, and compare it with that of Dr. Kimura. I feel that this learning method will give me the chance to study slides more carefully at my own pace, which is, certainly, slower than Dr. Kimura's pace
I have accustomed to the progressive decrease in the temperature here in Sapporo, and my life became easier, especially because of the very convenient accommodation, which is only 2 minutes walk from the institute.
Mostafa/Darmatopathology Note
Lipoma classification_ページ_1
Lipoma classification_ページ_2
Lipoma classification_ページ_3

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