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Sapporo Dermatopathology Institute
Riesye Arisanty / Mei in Sapporo..
Cherry blossom time..... Finally i can see the famous sakura tree.. wow, it’s really amazing.. so beautifull, subhanalloh.. We have a 花見 to see the cherry blossom at maruyama park, the best place to see it..
So many flowers, with so many colour all over sapporo, it makes sapporo more beautifull to see.. i thing i will really missed this city when i go back to Indonesia..
I will remember all what dr. Kimura teach us about dermatopathology, it will be my valuable knowledge to be a dermatopathology in jakarta..
A single conversation with a wise man is better than ten years of study. ~Chinese Proverb

Riesye Arisanty / My fourth months in sapporo...
My writing project still on progress. Starting from collecting all data from clinical data and microscopic data, when it’s done, i try to conclude all findings into one paper report.. to be honest, writing paper is not my strength, but i will tried to do my best.
Weather in sapporo is so nice, not so cold because it’s a spring already.. and i really waiting to walk around to see the beautiful of cherry blossom tree..
Can’t wait...
Riesye Arisanty / 3rd months diary
So many things to be done, and so little time left..

It’s the best phrase to express what i felt in my third monts here.. I’m trying to write a nice case report for publish in the journal ( I hope.. ☺ ) before i finished my training. . I’ll keep on trying to improve and sharpen my diagnostic skills..

So.. don’t want to waste my time... ☺ SEMANGAT.... !!!

(Happy are those who dream dreams and are ready to pay the price to make them come true. -- Leon J. Suenes)
Riesye Arisanty / second month
February is over, meaning almost 2 months I went through this program. I plan to finish my achievement to reads Weedon's book. It still half way, hopefully i can finished it in the next month. I started practicing to understand the way clinician’s think, to get a clinico-pathologic correlation and get the right answer.

This month i had a new friends. Her name is Yukari, she is from kumamoto. I really happy to have her as a new friends. So i can learn japanese culture from her too..

Cultural activity is very enjoyable, in this month also, I had the opportunity to visit the famous snow festival, not only in sapporo but also in Otaru .. Wow .. a very pleasant experience. I also took time to see the ‘real’penguins and polar bear in the biggest zoo in Japan, Asahiyama zoo.

Japanese food is still the best. Especially sea foods.. yummy.. in this month i tasted giant crab, becouse hokkaido’s crab is the famous one. No wonder i gained weight... but it’s OK.. it is still winter.. on spring, i will exercise more and jogged around hokkaido university while enjoying the beautifull spring time..

Riesye Arisanty / My first month in sapporo
There is only one word that I can express about my feelings on my first month in Sapporo and that is HEAVEN. Why? because...

I get a chance to study in Sapporo Dermatopathology Institute. For me, it is a great opportunity and a dream come true. I am having fun learning about dermatopathology with Kimura sensei. The tutorial learning method with Kimura Sensei, who has a remarkable ability in morphology of skin pathology and the way he explain in a comprehensive way with his extraordinary experience as a dermatopathologist in Japan, is the best thing for me. We see so many interesting cases every day and a variety of cases. Computer-based diagnostic tools is so amazing. The collection of textbooks are almost complete and a lot of journal in Dermatopathology to read. CPC every wednesday makes me even more excited and felt challenged to learn more about dermatopathology. It’s HEAVEN for me..

Sapporo is a beautiful city with so many snow that spreads across the city with incredible views. The mountains to the west, the tall pine trees, houses and cars covered in snow and black crow flying. What an incredible scene.
People in Sapporo are fun. They are very friendly and willing to help which makes me feel more comfortable. The food is very tasty - soba, sushi, tempura, curry soup, nabe and other sweets . It's a city of HEAVEN for me..

My new journey as a dermatopathologist begins here in Sapporo with Kimura sensei, Dr. Yo Kaku, and Dr. Gayle Opada.

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