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Gayle Opada / July diary
Nothing much to say really. My study habit is still the same. I am trying to read all the Ackerman books that are in the collection of Kimura sensei. I hope to finish all of it before I go back to the Philippines which is quiet difficult to achieve but I’m crossing my fingers. I think Ackerman books are well organized. They have different books for different adnexal neoplasms and for a “scatterbrain” like me, I think I need to read those kind of books.

New cases that I have seen this month are Hidradenoma papilliferum, Eccrine angiomatous hyperplasia (EAH) and Superficial acral fibromyxoma.

I am also preparing a case presentation entitled “Viral verruca with large atypical CD30 positive lymphoid cells”. Thanks to all my sensei, Dr. Kimura, Dr. Anan and Dr. Fukumoto, and to my colleague, Yo Kaku, for all the help. I am almost done.

Quiet adjusted by the life here in Sapporo. Met many Filipino friends who are having their PhD in Hokkaido University. All of them are in the field of science like chemistry, biochemistry, chemical engineering, and microbiology. I am so surprised to know how fluent they speak and read Nihonggo. I wish I could do that too.

I experienced my first Marine Day (海の日, Umi no Hi), Cherry picking at Niki, Hanabi taikai and wearing Yukata for summer festival this month. Lots of fun!

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Gayle Opada / June Diary
We started this month with an exam/assessment. We were given 60 common cases that we must know. Yo Kaku was tasked by Kimura sensei to check and discuss our diagnosis. It was a good and fun way to learn.

We welcomed our new sensei, Dr. Fukumoto and new trainee, Dr. Hattori.

This month, the “E-book project” was started. I have to add new cases that are not yet listed on the present E-book. Again, it’s another way for me to learn skin diseases that are not familiar for me.

This month, the interesting cases I have seen and are new to me are: Clear cell acanthoma, Atypical fibroxanthoma and Elastofibroma.

I am so glad to be exposed to many melanocytic nevus here in SDPI. With many exposure to typical melanocytic nevus it would be easier to recognise the atypical.

We ended this month with a farewell dinner for Asao and Riesye.

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●「辰ちゃん」: 診断科から北に徒歩2分。定食屋です。なんでもあります。リーシェに教えてもらいました。ちなみに、海外の人にはどでかいイカ焼き定食がインパクトがあったようです。

●「まんでがん外伝」: ちゃんとした讃岐うどんが食べられるようになりました。あらとんのお隣です。直前までうどんかラーメンで迷えます。

●「水晶楼」: 北大道路を北に3分。中華料理です。

●「あかれんが」: ジンギスカン倶楽部。ここがなんだかんだで一番好きなジンギスカンです。

●「松元」: 家族経営の回らない寿司です。オガサンが発見しました。ばったりお会いした某大教授に、「ここがナンバーワンです。知ってるあなたはさすがです。」と言われました。さすがオガサン。。。(´・Д・)」

●「おいしんぼ」: よくいくバーのマスターがよくいく処ですが、旨くて朝遅くまでやってる、らしいです。今度行ってみようと思ってます。

●「たこやき秀ちゃん」: 美味しいと思います。北24のミスドの向いです。

●「モスバーガー」: モスバ好きの人はどうぞ。

●「ミスタードーナツ」: ミスド好きの人はどうぞ。



Gayle Opada / Diagnosis and Interpretation
This month, Sensei started giving me a set of biopsy slides to interpret and diagnose on my own then compare my diagnosis with his. I get most of the diagnoses correct but there are cases that I really do not know and are new to me. This month it is my first time to come across granular cell tumor with its pustulo-ovoid bodies of Milian, to find out what an infarcted fibroepithelial polyp looks like, to see a tophus, to know if the lesions are scratched, to differentiate between trichoepithelioma, trichoblastoma and trichofolliculoma, to see what spiradenoma and cylindroma look like, to know the history of how a pilomatricoma is formed and so much more. So, I have to learn and read more slides and books. I was used to talking to my dad about my thoughts and adventures but here in Japan I have to talk myself out. I sometimes assure myself of the reason I am here. It is because I don’t know and I want to learn more knowledge. It seems like there a lot to know and to explore. 

I was an archer in the past and archery is still a part of me even with the way I handle situations in my life. “Aiming” to the target is like aiming to achieve my goal of becoming a good dermatopathologist. “Focussing” on the bullseye is like studying and working hard to hit the correct diagnosis. Then “shooting” an arrow is like trying to test myself and how much knowledge I have gained in my studies. I think I am in this level right now with “diagnosis and interpretation”. Hitting the bullseye is like having the same diagnosis as sensei’s. If I hit the bullseye then it’s good. I’ll be happy. If I miss the bullseye then I have to evaluate myself and ask myself where did I go wrong then learn from it and move on. 

So, back to archery, I was amazed to know that there is a thing called “Hamaya” in Shinto shrine. It is an arrow that should be placed inside the car to protect the driver and the passengers from car accident. I wanted to buy one and bring it home to the Philippines but it’s expensive for me so I settled down with “Ema” because it is cheaper and looks like a “target face” in archery.

In archery, in life, in dermatopathology -- Aim, focus, shoot, follow through.
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