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Sapporo Dermatopathology Institute
my first diary
On my first diary I’ve decided to share my “curious” story of choosing dermatopathology as my mayor. I call it “curious” because I never ever imagined that I would be doing dermatology not even mentioning dermatopathology. When I was a medical student I wanted to be a surgeon, even prepared myself being an assistant-student in general surgery for 4 years. Futhermore, I’ve chosen a mayor of hepatology at the graduate school so that I could be a member of “Liver transplantation team of Mongolia”. But by the “curious” turns in life I chose neither surgery nor hepatology. Instead, I’m proudly doing dermatopathology now. Why proudly? Well, I have 3 major reasons why. Firstly, my grandfather was a famous onco-pathologist of Mongolia, and my family members always wanted me to follow his route. Now, even my grandpa is not alive, I hope the rest of my family is very happy for my choice. Secondly, my country is lacking of dermatopathologists literally, so this training program is very helpful not only for me but for the development of dermatopathology in Mongolia. And lastly, the most important one is that I feel honored to be a trainee at Sapporo Dermatopathology Institute under the guidance of such a great tutor, I’m loving the subject day by day. I feel happy for my choice.
I believe my destiny and Dr. Kimura have pushed me to the right path… ☺
Undram Sainzaya, MD (Mongolia)

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