研修医日記/医療法人社団 札幌皮膚病理診断科
Sapporo Dermatopathology Institute


●「あらとん」: つけ麺ラーメン。つけ麺好きにも評価が高いらしいです。北大道路沿いに南へ。徒歩5分。


●「ピカンティ」: 和風だし&スパイス系の有名なスープカレー。個人的にベーコンwithキャベツにはまってます。環状道路より一本南。徒歩7分くらい。

●「大吉」: 焼き鳥チェーンですが何気に美味しくて、値段もかなりリーズナブルと思います。北大道路沿い。西に一分。

●「きはら」: 天ぷら。挙げたての穴子とか食べれます。南に4分くらい。

●「味いちもんめ」: 学生は500円でお肉がたくさん食べれる謎の店です。ご飯もおかわりし放題です。北大道路沿い。北に6分くらい。


Lee Bang Rom/Fifth month (November)
Learning experience:

Winter in Sapporo arrived in sudden; even the early snow (初雪) was rather massive. The amount of snow was enormous for someone who came from the tropical zone. The accumulation of snow which later turned into ice made mobility difficult. Fortunately, the snow melted after a few days. However, as the days of flurries, freezing icy rain and heavy snow are increasing, the whole earth is rapidly covered by slivery and powdery snow.

At the same time, I am adapting poorly with the pace of living here. The icy road becomes thicker and unsaved for cycling. I have to relearn to walk on icy path; even with a pair of good trekking shoes, I still slipped but fortunately did not fall. It is amazing to see the local folks run and skate with flat or high heel shoes. The anticipating snow is going to be increased and it will definitely slow down my pace.

As the world is getting frozen; most of the outdoor activities become unsafe and inconvenient. I am spending more time in the institute; reading and studying. It is warmer to stay together with study-mates. Constant discussion and sharing of information make study more effective. I must appreciate the remaining month to gain more knowledge on dermatopathology and achieve my target of completing the whole textbook of McKee.

Daily living:
I was surprised that my second-hand bicycle was stolen when the snow started. I felt regretted than I can’t pass such useful vehicle to the next trainee in this institute. It had served me well for bringing me around Sapporo within these 5 months.
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