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Sapporo Dermatopathology Institute
Riesye Arisanty / My first month in sapporo
There is only one word that I can express about my feelings on my first month in Sapporo and that is HEAVEN. Why? because...

I get a chance to study in Sapporo Dermatopathology Institute. For me, it is a great opportunity and a dream come true. I am having fun learning about dermatopathology with Kimura sensei. The tutorial learning method with Kimura Sensei, who has a remarkable ability in morphology of skin pathology and the way he explain in a comprehensive way with his extraordinary experience as a dermatopathologist in Japan, is the best thing for me. We see so many interesting cases every day and a variety of cases. Computer-based diagnostic tools is so amazing. The collection of textbooks are almost complete and a lot of journal in Dermatopathology to read. CPC every wednesday makes me even more excited and felt challenged to learn more about dermatopathology. It’s HEAVEN for me..

Sapporo is a beautiful city with so many snow that spreads across the city with incredible views. The mountains to the west, the tall pine trees, houses and cars covered in snow and black crow flying. What an incredible scene.
People in Sapporo are fun. They are very friendly and willing to help which makes me feel more comfortable. The food is very tasty - soba, sushi, tempura, curry soup, nabe and other sweets . It's a city of HEAVEN for me..

My new journey as a dermatopathologist begins here in Sapporo with Kimura sensei, Dr. Yo Kaku, and Dr. Gayle Opada.


Gayle Opada / My 1st month in Sapporo
It was a very cold and dry winter day when I arrived in Sapporro. Everything was covered with snow and winter was not even half of what this girl from a tropical country imagined it to be! The coat and boots I donned were not ready to withstand this kind of weather. My mentor, Dr. Kimura, was kind enough to buy me a winter coat to keep me warm and snow boots to prevent me from slipping on the snow and breaking my legs.

I was amazed by the collection of books and journals at the institute. I was also delighted by their high-tech machine that could capture the images from the slides and magnifty it to the highest power. But what impressed me more was the very courteous and polite staff they had. In this day and age where everyone is just so busy with their own affairs, their simple "Good morning" greeting was something I appreciated very much.

I was surprised to see a lot of interesting cases. Who would expect that the Japanese, who look so fair and flawless, would also have skin diseases? Just after 2 weeks of reviewing slides with Dr. Kimura, I felt like I have already seen all the cases of "MacKee's Pathology of the Skin" book. Despite of the numerous cases we handle each day, Dr. Kimura would really take the time to explain each slide clearly for us to understand. There is also a blog for us to interact and discuss the unusual cases we encounter with other dermatopathologists who were also trained by our mentor. What a great learning experience!

Every Wednesday, we go to "Hokkaido University Hospital" to attend the CPC of the Dermatology Department. This exposes us to the clinical side of Dermatology. We also get to exchange views with the doctors from the Pathology Department about the intriguing cases we saw for the week.

Dr. Kimura, Riesye, Yo, Fumiko sang and the JDPO staff will be my family here in Japan. I hope to live peacefully with them for the rest of the year. I am so blessed to be here and I thank God for this great opportunity He has given me to learn futher about Dermatopathology. To God be the glory.

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