研修医日記/医療法人社団 札幌皮膚病理診断科
Sapporo Dermatopathology Institute
Riesye Arisanty / second month
February is over, meaning almost 2 months I went through this program. I plan to finish my achievement to reads Weedon's book. It still half way, hopefully i can finished it in the next month. I started practicing to understand the way clinician’s think, to get a clinico-pathologic correlation and get the right answer.

This month i had a new friends. Her name is Yukari, she is from kumamoto. I really happy to have her as a new friends. So i can learn japanese culture from her too..

Cultural activity is very enjoyable, in this month also, I had the opportunity to visit the famous snow festival, not only in sapporo but also in Otaru .. Wow .. a very pleasant experience. I also took time to see the ‘real’penguins and polar bear in the biggest zoo in Japan, Asahiyama zoo.

Japanese food is still the best. Especially sea foods.. yummy.. in this month i tasted giant crab, becouse hokkaido’s crab is the famous one. No wonder i gained weight... but it’s OK.. it is still winter.. on spring, i will exercise more and jogged around hokkaido university while enjoying the beautifull spring time..


Gayle Opada / Month full of Love
3 weeks from my arrival then came FEBRUARY. Reality starts to sink in. I am not dreaming. I am really in Japan for my fellowship training. So, I started to open my books and realized that I have so much to learn. The more I read, the more I realized I have so little knowledge about dermatopathology. So I must learn more and read more.

Aside from Dermatopathology, I am also interested in learning more about Japan and its culture. So I started to observe the people and tried the local foods too.

On my 1st day of February, we went out to dine for Ito-san's Despedida party. The food was great but the one I love the most was the company of the staff in Sapporo Dermatopathology Institute. They are so warm and nice. And very close to each other. Some even cried as they gave their message to Ito-san. We will truly miss her. We wish her happiness and prosperity in her marriage. 

I also had my giant crab experience this month. The parents of my colleague, Yo, invited us for dinner and introduced us to a giant crab. What makes it more special? The chef cooked the crab in front of us in different ways. We tasted it raw, medium rare, baked and well-done. It was "oishi". 

We went to Otaru on a weekend to watch the "Snow Light Path Festival" in Otaru canal. We also visited the music box museum and tried the local foods like the japanese cheese cake of LeTao. It was a great weekend and my first time to go out of town. 

A new japanese trainee arrived. I'm so happy because she's a female and she can answer all my questions about girly stuffs. We also share the same interest in photography. We all decided to go out of town again to capture great pictures and know more about Japan. Our destination was Asahiyama zoo. It was my first time to see a fat polar bear. And the penguins are so cute. They had a "penguin walk". They reminded me of the movie "Happy feet". I love penguins. And seeing them in person is like a dream come true to me.

Now back to reality. I have to study more. I want to become a very good dermatopathologist. I should read the books with all my heart. As what sensei said, studying should be "WIDE" and "DEEP". Which means I have to read through a book so I have an overview of everything (WIDE) then understand each diseases (DEEP). What an inspiration. Thank you sensei.

I'm also starting to answer the virtual slides. It still amazes me that we have a very high-tech slides. I actually like answering it. It stimulates my mind and makes me learn more in my own pace and style. 

Over all, February was great. I am hoping to learn more in the following months. And grow into a better person as I understand different cultures and living outside my comfort zone. 
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 平日は朝7時半頃から夕方5時頃まで 、木村先生が標本を見て診断されるのを私も一緒に見て勉強しましたが、初日は先生の診断の早さに圧倒されてしまいました。診断中は先生が説明されたことをひたすらノートにとり、空いた時間に教科書と照らし合わせながら復習しました。





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