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Sapporo Dermatopathology Institute
Gayle Opada / Hair
Diagnosis and interpretation continued this month. Honing my skill in making a diagnosis. Apart from this, I focused myself on hairs and read the “Histopathologic Diagnosis of Adnexal Epithelial Neoplasms: Atlas and text” and “Neoplasms with Follicular differentiation” both by A. Bernard Ackerman. What I love here in “Sapporo Dermatopathology Institute” is the complete collection of books especially books by A.B. Ackerman. I am not yet done reading it but I hope to finish it by June.

Cherry trees started to bloom this month. I am so happy to see it for the first time and I will forever cherish this experience. I biked around Hokkaido University everyday just to see Cherry blossoms. We also went to Maruyama Park on the weekend and had picnic under the cherry tree. What a great experience.



Riesye Arisanty / Mei in Sapporo..
Cherry blossom time..... Finally i can see the famous sakura tree.. wow, it’s really amazing.. so beautifull, subhanalloh.. We have a 花見 to see the cherry blossom at maruyama park, the best place to see it..
So many flowers, with so many colour all over sapporo, it makes sapporo more beautifull to see.. i thing i will really missed this city when i go back to Indonesia..
I will remember all what dr. Kimura teach us about dermatopathology, it will be my valuable knowledge to be a dermatopathology in jakarta..
A single conversation with a wise man is better than ten years of study. ~Chinese Proverb
Riesye Arisanty / My fourth months in sapporo...
My writing project still on progress. Starting from collecting all data from clinical data and microscopic data, when it’s done, i try to conclude all findings into one paper report.. to be honest, writing paper is not my strength, but i will tried to do my best.
Weather in sapporo is so nice, not so cold because it’s a spring already.. and i really waiting to walk around to see the beautiful of cherry blossom tree..
Can’t wait...
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