研修医日記/医療法人社団 札幌皮膚病理診断科
Sapporo Dermatopathology Institute
Wang Lei(王 雷)/The Third Month at Sapporo Dermatopathology Institute 
 Three months has past since I arrived at Sapporo. In this month I had the opportunity to participate the annual meeting of Japanese Society of Dermatopathology. Totally 34 cases were presented in the whole day and most of the cases were very difficult for me, it was estimated that I could only correctly diagnose about 60-70% of them. Through this meeting, I tested the diagnose ability of myself and realized I have a very large space for promotion. Another feeling of that meeting was that every speaker prepared delicate PPT for presentation; almost every case was accompanied by completely history, immunohistochemistry results and definite diagnosis. I am also impressed that all of the diagnosis from the speakers will be collected and put together for arriving the correct diagnose.

 I was also excited to have the opportunity to participate the memory ceremony of Professor Ackerman in Tokyo Ginza Hotel. All of the participators were trainees of Professor Ackerman or faithful fans of him. Professor Ackerman’s sister and nephew also attended the ceremony. In the ceremony everyone shared his memories with Professor Ackerman and I learned a lot of details of Professor Ackerman’s work and life. Even I did not meet him; I was greatly influenced by his articles, books and lectures. I am lucky and fortunate to be a student of Dr. Kimura, the best Japanese student of Ackerman.

 In this month I have almost finished an article about hemangioma. This work was finished base on an observation of more than 100 samples from Xijing hospital and Sapporo dermatopathology institute. Dr. Kimura told me to have original ideas and to prove it with strong evidences; I think this article may represent an original idea of me.

 One week ago my wife has arrived Sapporo. We are really happy to enjoy the life in Sapporo and we knew it was Dr. Kimura, who helped us to realize it.
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