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Sapporo Dermatopathology Institute
Wang Lei(王 雷)/The Second Month at Sapporo Dermatopathology Institute
Time past very fast and I have been at Sapporo for two months.
There were many things needed for record in the past month.

 I really enjoy my training at Sapporo Dermatopathology Institute. Every working day I will read more than 100 cases and will encounter special cases which I have never seen in my experience or I only have read them from literature. I will make diagnosis to every case before Dr Kimura signing out; when I missed the diagnosis or when we have different opinions he will ask me for a short discussion. I really love this training method and feel I am improving in many aspects: I learned to read slides more carefully, even those common “cysts”, “nevus” and “dermatitis”; I accepted new opinions, just like “keratoacanthomas patten”. I get improved from my mistakes, such as misdiagnose trichodiscoma as fibrous papule, misdiagnose of melanoma as atypical fibroxanthoma, misdiagnose of poroid carcinoma as Bowen’s disease. I tried to record every mistake I have made and tried my best not to fall into the same trap.

 Dr. Kimura is not only a good teacher of dermatopathology, but also a good teacher of English. He modified my English pronunciation in many details. I really appreciate him for teaching me in many aspects. In the future I will have many opportunities to communicate with dermatopathologists in the world. I still have a long way to go, both in my diagnose skills and English speaking. I also want to thank him for send me books, rice, foods, T shirts and so on. It’s really lucky for me to have met such a good teacher in my life.

 In last month I attended the 386th Hokkaido Dermatology meeting together with Dr Kimura and Dr Anan at Asahikawa. The most impressive thing for me is the meeting was well organized and there were many participators, including both famous professors and young doctors. I am trying to compare it with the meeting in China in many aspects and feel we really need to learn a lot from our Japanese colleagues. On the meeting Dr. Kimura was very active and raised a lot of questions. In September it’s my turn to give a case presentation; I will try my best and prepare it well.

 Two weeks ago I was welcomed by all of the members of the institute. We enjoyed Japanese sushi at a very nice restaurant. I like the food and eat too much in that day. I would like to thank all of the members in the institute for your enthusiasm and warm helps.

 After the first month I became familiar with Sapporo and enjoy the simple life at here. In the weekend I will choose not to visit the city curiously, but to stay in the room to read a lot of books and articles. I know my time is limited and I have to get as much knowledge as I can.

 I am very excited because my wife will come to Sapporo in August. Dr. Kimura and Ms. Sato have given me many helps for applying the visa. In last year we hold the wedding ceremony in the same day that Dr Kimura visited Xi’an, but we don’t have time to enjoy our honeymoon because of my busy work. I hope we will have good memory at Sapporo.
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