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Sapporo Dermatopathology Institute
Wang Lei(王 雷)/The first month in Sapporo Dermatopathology Institute 
 I arrived at Sapporo on May 14, 2011. It’s the first time I go to abroad. It’s fortunate for me to come to Sapporo together with Dr. Qiao Hongjiang at Hokkaido University. I would also want to give my thanks to Dr. Kimura and Ms. Sato Shoko for having arranged almost everything for me and I feel very convenient for living and working at Sapporo.

 In the first two weeks I was attracted by the library of the institute, I spend a lot of time to read books of Professor Ackerman and others. I also found Japanese dermatologists have also written many good books and edited more journals than Chinese dermatologists. It’s regret for me that I don’t know Japanese.

 The main part of my training is to increase my skills of diagnosis. I found the categories of diseases in the institute are different from Xian. In the institute there are many neoplasms of various kinds. I met many neoplasms that I can only learn it from books previously and also some interesting cases that were not well described in the text books. I also found an interesting phenomenon that tick bites is very common in Japan and I can met it almost every day while in Xian I have never seen one.

 Dr. Kimura’s working style is similar to Professor Ackerman. He used a simplified coding system for record, a method I have heard but not touched previously. After I returned I will create a new system for our department. He also read slides very carefully and looked into details of every slide. This is just the ability I am lacking. Dr Kimura is not dogmatic and he will ask for other’s opinion when consulting difficult cases. He always discussed and changed ideas with Dr Anan and me. I also enjoy the discussion at Department of Pathology and the CPC at Department of Dermatology of Hokkaido University. However such kind of communication are lacking in most areas of China. I also got the chance to visit Professor Shimizu and have lunch with him. Before my return to Xian, I will tell him what I have learned in Sapporo.

 Another central part of my training schedule is to have publication. After the discussion with Dr. Kimura, we have produced new ideas and will begin some projects in the next month.

 In this month I get be familiar with Sapporo and participate the student’s festival in Hokkaido University and also enjoy the Yosakoi festival of Sapporo. I am really moved by their dance and smiles.
 At last I would like to thank all the members of the institute. With your helps, I feel like in home!
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