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Mostafa/Goblet cells
Goblet cells
• Belongs to glandular columnar epithelium
• Named goblet (cup like) because of its shape with distended apex (because of mucinogen granules) and narrow stem.
• Sites:
1. Respiratory tract: Trachea and bronchi
2. GIT: Small and large intestine
3. Upper eyelid: Conjunctiva
• Function: mucous secretion
• Stimulation: e.g. by dust and smoke in respiratory system
• Secretion module: both apocrine and merocrine modules
• I believe that in metstatic adenocarcinoma with goblet cells, the 1ry tumor should belong to the normal sites of the goblet cells

Goblet cells in the Ileum

Goblet cells-1

Goblet cells-2
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