研修医日記/医療法人社団 札幌皮膚病理診断科
Sapporo Dermatopathology Institute
Lee Bang Rom/Life in Institute of dermatopathology Sapporo. First month

The warm summer and the blooming flowers along the Chitose’s airport runway lined up for my arrival. I was expected by Dr kimura as his domestic flight from Tokyo was half an hour later than mine. However, my exit through the custom gate was delayed due to the congested tourists. Rushing toward the JR station, finally I met Dr Kimura again; he was in the similar casual wears and beret like hat.

Later, I was brought to the Ackerman Memorial Sapporo Dermatopathology Institute. The collection of antique microscopes at the institute’s foyer was stunning. A brief tour around the institute gave me a rough idea about its operation. My accommodation was well arranged by Miss Keiko Sadahisa; a staff from NPO Japan Dermatopathology Promotion Organization.

Next morning, I was introduced to all the hardworking and friendly staffs. I am pleased to have Dr Kaku and Dr Mostafa as study-mates.

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Learning experience:

The main aim for this attachment is to upgrade my diagnostic skill. Despite working as pathologist for more than 4 years, I had never encountered more than 200 cases in a day. The enormous quantity and variety of cases provide a wide learning opportunity for me. Furthermore, Dr Kimura and Dr Anan are working extremely hard in their diagnostic working; in both speed and accuracy of each case.

Upmost, the environment for learning in this institute is superbly conducive. There are abundant collections of both historical and updated textbooks as well as latest printed journals. The trainees often discuss and share the difficult cases. Additionally, everyday, there are 10 -20 of interesting cases on NPO Japan Dermatopathology Promotion Organization website for viewing. It eases the communication of pathologists and enhances the knowledge sharing.

To be honest, I am very glad and honoured with such learning environment and training method. I feel like being a medical student again. Within the first month, I had solved and corrected some practical diagnostic issues even a simple one such as differencing dilated pore of Winer and follicular cyst of infundibular type.

I had also strengthened my knowledge in basis dermal histology by revising what I had learned. “The illiterates of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn”- a quotation by Alvin Toffler. “Learn, unlearn and relearn” is the quotation I have adapted to correct my previous ideas and concepts in order to improve my dermatopathology knowledge.

Dr Kimura is such a skillful “morphologist” and generous teacher. He is never hesitating to share his wisdom and wide experience with us. “Teaching is Learning” this is another quotation by Kimura Sensei, which refer to the benefit of sharing the knowledge we learned. I believe it will be wise to produce English version of Kimura’s quotation 「心に残る木村先生の一言」.

“Diagnosis by your spinal reflex” is the term refers to our ability to recognize details of the pathology and come out with an instant correct diagnosis. I wish I will acquire such skill within this 6 months duration.

Daily living:

Jogging through the Hokkaido University Gingko Avenue becomes my evening routine. I will train well for the coming Hokkaido’s marathon. I love the greenery of the fields and trees in summer.

I shall improve my Japanese language deficiency by attending a conversation class. Unfortunately, few Monday classes were cancelled due to holiday. I need to learn the spoken Japanese medication term urgently so that I can fully understand the CPC session.

During the end of my second week, Dr Kimura treated us at Indian’s halal restaurant as a farewell lunch for Dr Mostafa.

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