研修医日記/医療法人社団 札幌皮膚病理診断科
Sapporo Dermatopathology Institute
Lee Bang Rom/Second month
Second month (August)

Learning experience:

Daily routine reading slides in this institute with Dr Kimura never fail to gain new discoveries and learning points. The enormous number of cases and repeated viewing of similar cases indeed sharpen my memory in recognizing them. Details of pathology are emphasized to avoid repeated error. Unfamiliar cases for me just flow in constantly through time. Furthermore, there are numerous achieve cases both in virtual or stored glass slides to be explored. I must speed up my pace in my learning as well as my study project; there are only four months left.

The passion of learning among my Japanese colleagues truly motivates me. Despite busy routine in their respective institutes; Dr Fukumoto, Dr Ansai, Dr Keisuke and etc, still manage to give rather impressive input for the daily virtual slides. Their knowledge in soft tissue and hematology pathology are truly outstanding; as they are from dermatologist background. Furthermore, I enjoy my study with the companion Dr KaKu; for constantly asking various thoughtful questions and sharing his idea. Last week, I was amazed by the spirit of learning from Dr Nakamura (中村考伸先生). He is a qualified surgeon, 10 years senior then me, yet still pursuing his dermatology training. He even spend time brushing up his dermatopathology skill and knowledge by revisiting the institute.

Daily living:

I had successfully completed the Hokkaido’s marathon in 4 hours 30 minutes. Running under the hot weather is tougher than I thought. Will I do this again? – No way. I had learned the lesson; Sapporo can be very hot in summer. Anyway, I gained a piece of medal as memory and a bottle of spring water from Big Snow Mountain; as well as an extraordinary experience.

Second month-1

My wife and my two girls came to visit me. We spent a wonderful time traveling Sapporo and surrounding scenic places with a tour group. I missed them very much and so thankful for my wife sacrifice for the family.

Second month-2 Second month-3

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