研修医日記/医療法人社団 札幌皮膚病理診断科
Sapporo Dermatopathology Institute
Third month (September)/Lee Bang Rom
Learning experience:

The prolonged summer was finally over; it ended with a few days of heavy down pour and cloudy skyline. As the autumn set in, I am delighted with the cooler temperature. While the local are celebrating the autumn harvest festive, I am overwhelming and enjoying the local fruits as the price of the fruits and vegetables become reasonable. As for my learning, it is still far for me to harvest my result in this institute.

Within these 3 months, I have been learning and, thus more comfortable dealing with inflammatory diseases and skin appendages tumors. However, I am still having melanocytic lesion phobia. I am still struggling with the differentiating and recognition points of nevus from melanoma.. My perception of melanoma being rare among Asians is totally deviated. Back in Kuala Lumpur, I can only recall 4 cases of melanoma in the year 2011; in which most of them were of acral lentigenous type. However, I appreciate such training opportunity in this difficult field. Due to Dr Kaku’s study project, I have been viewing great number of Spitz nevus cases in the shortest time

I enjoy reading the enormous books collection in this institute. There are not only dermatology or medical textbooks (both in English and Japanese) but also historical text. I found an interesting book titled “A year without peer” by the late Dr Ackerman and his best mate Dr Miller. I had a wonderful afternoon reading through his writing. In this book, Dr Ackerman described the training experience in his earlier years. Vast majority of the chapters were devoted to Dr Nelson; his teacher. The establishment of high standard for practice and learning in dermatopathology by Dr Ackerman which I believe influenced much by his teacher. Dr Ackerman’s hoped through his recalls and record, in future there will be more meritorious models in medicine. In my opinion, Dr Ackerman himself had continued this meritorious spirit in medical education and development. This spirit has landed and blossomed in many part of the word.

I salute Dr Ackerman’s intelligent and determination in achieving high achievement in his career. At the same time I admire Dr Miller as a balance human being. As he described, a doctor who is married and has children is a juggler with four balls in the air concurrently: marriage, children, profession and intellectual growth. The maintaining, sustaining and continued development of a balance life is not easy.

Daily living:

It is blessed as Sapporo city is built with marvelous cycling infrastructure consisting of marked lanes, tracks, shoulders and paths designated for use by cyclists. Best of all, there are several long bicycle paths. Along the Toyahira River’s bank, there is a 40 km of bicycle path lined from Sapporo Bridge till Jozankei. Shiroishi Cycling Road lined from Shiroishi ward till Kitahiroshima is another option. Both paths are relaxing during autumn. When the red leaves (紅葉) session arrive, I might consider Shikotsuko Cycling Road.

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