研修医日記/医療法人社団 札幌皮膚病理診断科
Sapporo Dermatopathology Institute
Lee Bang Rom/Forth month (October)
Learning experience:
The previous prolonged summer delayed the arrival of the foliage in this autumn for at least 10 days. However, the metamorphosis of the leaves colors is sudden. The whole mountain has turned into golden yellow overnight. Maybe, the daytime is shorter and I didn’t spend much time outdoor during this transition period.
After observing for 3 months, I get the opportunity to key in the diagnosis code by myself. Trained as pathologist, I am used to type report but I would never imagine of typing in Japanese 日本語. The coding system created by Dr Kimura in the diagnostic work makes my duty easier. Furthermore, I like the typing shortcut of narration for way of cutting, margins, clinical-pathological correlation. けんた、ちし、たんの、とれきれし、せつはんしか、are the new Japanese terminology that have imprinted in my memory. In order to make the report more complete, I use a lot of copy and paste function; adopting from the previous similar cases. However, I am still insuffiencient of describing in more details.
This hand-on training sharpens my diagnostic skill as I have to be committed with my diagnosis. It is totally different from the earlier months in which I just glanced through the slides without any responsibility. I am strongly agreed that good diagnostic skill can only be derived from the extensive of exposure and appropriate guidance.
I enjoy the learning environment with Kaku san; his passion and learning spirit in dermatopathologist spikes my motivation. Dr Ogawa, a subordinate staff of Dr Fukumoto, from Nara Medical University Hospital joined us in the early of October. I am impressed by this younger dermatologist with such advanced knowledge in dermatopathology. It reflects the teaching effort by Dr Fukumoto; he had learned and imitated well from his teacher.
Kaku san attended ASDP meeting and brought back a bright red Chicago bulls T shirt and more importantly learning materials. The detail and intensity of the teaching programmes in the ASDP meeting truly change my image of American. I must make effort to attend next year meeting. We have promised to bring at least poster there.
Forth month (October)
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