研修医日記/医療法人社団 札幌皮膚病理診断科
Sapporo Dermatopathology Institute
Riesye Arisanty / second month
February is over, meaning almost 2 months I went through this program. I plan to finish my achievement to reads Weedon's book. It still half way, hopefully i can finished it in the next month. I started practicing to understand the way clinician’s think, to get a clinico-pathologic correlation and get the right answer.

This month i had a new friends. Her name is Yukari, she is from kumamoto. I really happy to have her as a new friends. So i can learn japanese culture from her too..

Cultural activity is very enjoyable, in this month also, I had the opportunity to visit the famous snow festival, not only in sapporo but also in Otaru .. Wow .. a very pleasant experience. I also took time to see the ‘real’penguins and polar bear in the biggest zoo in Japan, Asahiyama zoo.

Japanese food is still the best. Especially sea foods.. yummy.. in this month i tasted giant crab, becouse hokkaido’s crab is the famous one. No wonder i gained weight... but it’s OK.. it is still winter.. on spring, i will exercise more and jogged around hokkaido university while enjoying the beautifull spring time..

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