研修医日記/医療法人社団 札幌皮膚病理診断科
Sapporo Dermatopathology Institute
Gayle Opada / June Diary
We started this month with an exam/assessment. We were given 60 common cases that we must know. Yo Kaku was tasked by Kimura sensei to check and discuss our diagnosis. It was a good and fun way to learn.

We welcomed our new sensei, Dr. Fukumoto and new trainee, Dr. Hattori.

This month, the “E-book project” was started. I have to add new cases that are not yet listed on the present E-book. Again, it’s another way for me to learn skin diseases that are not familiar for me.

This month, the interesting cases I have seen and are new to me are: Clear cell acanthoma, Atypical fibroxanthoma and Elastofibroma.

I am so glad to be exposed to many melanocytic nevus here in SDPI. With many exposure to typical melanocytic nevus it would be easier to recognise the atypical.

We ended this month with a farewell dinner for Asao and Riesye.

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