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Sapporo Dermatopathology Institute
金紋範/Experience of Dermatopathology Training in Sapporo Institute for Dermatopathology
Moon-Bum Kim
(Pusan National University Hospital, Department of Dermatology)

I am the first foreign trainee of this institute. I am a clinical assistant professor of Dermatologic Department of Medical College, Pusan National University, Busan, Korea. I have always been of the opinion that a dermatopathology is one of the most important parts of dermatology. On the way of searching a good training program for a dermatopathology, I decided to learn from Dr. Kimura. It's because I heard that he was an excellent dermatopathologist and there were many cases in his institute. In addition to these, Japan is very close to Korea & I didn't have enough times to go farther such as USA or Europe. My training period were 3 weeks from 8th Dec. to 29th Dec. in 2005.
I want to give good information about this institute for the foreign trainee like me.

Dermatopathology training
The usual day schedule starts at 7:00 A.M., and ends at around 5:30 P.M with several breaks of 10-30 minutes. During reading of the slides of dermatopathologic cases, Dr. Kimura explains the pathologic findings, what's normal or abnormal, and how to make a correct diagnosis in English. There were many cases, about 100 per a day. They were most infectious and inflammatory skin diseases, various benign or malignant skin tumors, and even rare cases. It was a good way for me to learn a dermatopathology. Besides this, there were another sources for learning such as are archives (good pathologic photos for dermatopathologic learning made in this institute), well-arranged dermatopathologic slides, and many good books and journals about dermatopathology. During the break time and after getting off from the institute, I read the very good books of a dermatopathology such as ones written by Ackerman or enjoyed the very good archives. If I asked a question about a dermatopathologic findings, very detailed explanations was returned. In addition to Dr. Kimura, there were 2 other good dermatopathologists in the institute. They also gave me good lessons.
On Wednesday, there is a CPC meeting in the dermatologic department of Hokkaido University from 5:30 to 7:30 P.M. On Thursday, the consultation meeting is held in the pathologic department of Hokkaido University for about 1 hour from 11:00 A.M. During my days in Sapporo, I could participate the CPC meeting composed of dermatologist in or near Sapporo and held once a month (?). It was on Thursday evening and there were very good cases with clinical & pathologic photos. Though only Japanese is available in these meeting, I think the photos and slides of presented cases can be useful. After the meetings, any question has been okay.
I was lucky to attend Sapporo seminar for dermatopathology. There were good lectures & many interesting cases. I think it can be good to arrange the training period into this seminar.
In conclusion, I think Dr. Kimura and his institute for a dermatopathology are very good for someone who is eager to learn a dermatopathology. It is true for the foreign doctor like me.

Life in Sapporo
A good hotel was introduced to me by a secretary of the institute(in my case, she is Ms. Keiko). It had a reasonable price (including free morning buffet, a washing machine and kitchen set for cooking). It was near the institute and so took only 5 minutes on foot. I usually had lunch and dinner in my hotel by cooking or with take-out foods. There were good take-out restaurants(Hotei?) and stores for foodstuffs(Dinner Bell, 24 hours).
In my days in Sapporo, it was winter season with cold air and almost daily snowing. If someone want to go in winter, warm clothes, gloves, and non-slippery shoes should be prepared.
There were some joyful parties with Dr. Kimura & his staff. They were in Japanese, Italian, French and Korean restaurants. There was even a Karaoke. I think anyone can feel the warm heart. And, I recommend a Sapporo beer. What a wonderful flavor it has!
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