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Sapporo Dermatopathology Institute
Wang Lei(王 雷)/It's time to say goodbye!
Six months have past since I came to Sapporo and I will come back to Xian in two days. It’s time to have a brief summary about my study at Sapporo Institute of Dermatopathology.

 During this half year I have read more than 20, 000 slides under the direction of Dr. Kimura. This is the gold time for me to promote my diagnose skills of dermatopathology. I have seen thousands of difficult or rare cases during the training time. Through reading slides under microscope and discussion with Dr. Kimura, I have expanded my knowledge and promoted my diagnose skills prominently.

 I had chances to participate Hokkaido dermatology meeting in Asahikawa, Japanese dermatopathology meeting and A Bernard Ackerman Memory Ceremony in Tokyo, and dermatopathology seminar in Kobe. Through these meetings and seminars I not only enriched my knowledge of dermatology, but also appreciated the professional spirit from our Japanese colleagues.

 I also got chance to participate the CPC session in Department of Dermatology and Pathology of Hokkaido University every week and to communicate with Professor Shimuzu and Professor Matsuno. I am honored to have given a speech at Department of Dermatology of Hokkaido University. In October I met Professor Zhu Xuejun, one of the most respected Chinese professor of Dermatology in Sapporo.

 In the August my wife came to Sapporo and we spend one month together in Sapporo. During that time we visited Shiretoko, Otaru and Hakodate together and walked through streets, shops and parks in Sapporo. We enjoyed the beautiful sceneries of Hokkaido and the warm hospitality of Hokkaido people.

 In this half year I really harvested a lot in Sapporo Dermatopathology Institute and enjoyed my life in Sapporo. I would like to thank my teacher, Dr. Kimura, for supporting me to study at Sapporo and teaching me dermatopathology in the style of Bernie Ackerman. One of the famous Chinese old saying have said: the teach opens the door, you enter by yourself”. Dr. Kimura opened a door for me and taught me dermatopathology, now it’s time for me to work hard in the field of dermatopathology and to get achievements.

 I would like to thank the staff members of Sapporo Dermatopathology Institute for giving me a lot of helps and convenience during my staying in Sapporo. I would also like to thank friends from Japan Dermatopathology Promotion Organization for supporting me financially.

 I would like to thank Professor Shimuzu, Professor Matsuno and friends from both departments for giving me a lot of helps during my study and visit in their departments.

 Thank you!  I will miss all of you! 2011.11 王雷
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